Enhance your sourcing skills, using alternative resources, and close the vacancies quickly!
You will get:
10 % — theory
90 % — practice
Be ready to boost your sourcing skills!
November 21
4 weeks
Tasks You will complete when doing Sourcing Efficiently
You’ll be fast in closing difficult vacancies
Expand the range of traditional resources for sourcing expertise by including alternative resources
Increase the pipeline of candidates
Be able to carry out in-depth analysis of the labor market for high-quality and quick closure of vacancies
Have an efficient use of free and paid search resources
Start to cover candidates who are not looking for a job but are already thinking about it
Advanced Sourcing is for you, if:

IT recruiter with experience
Those who completed Junior IT Recruiter course
Dreaming to become sourcer
HR specialists, who want to make a shift to IT-recruiting
Expand the pipeline of candidates, deepen your knowledge of techniques and tools, build your Boolean queries.
You will no longer have to wait for feedback only on HeadHunter and SuperJob
Immerse yourself more deeply into the profession of recruiter to know and know everything that is necessary for it
Reduce communication with developers on personal interviews, adaptations and motivation. You can become a top-notch contributor and work in the international market with a higher salary
You will be able to deepen in IT recruiting and boost search skills on alternative resources
Who want to dive into IT recruiting from scratch
(I recommend to start with Junior IT Recruiter course)
Everyone who is just thinking about moving to IT-recruiting
(recommend watching my videos on Youtube)
After the course you will be able to:
Manage pipeline of candidates
Apply efficient tools in the search for specialists
Build a sourcing strategy, and not do a search for candidates randomly
Search on any resources using Boolean queries and X-ray technology
Find any information, not just applicants ;)
Analyze candidate market and resources
Complete the course and begin closing challenging vacancies faster
Course Program
Module 1. Strategy for sourcing candidates
Lesson 0. Introduction to the course

Lesson 1. Sourcing strategy

Lesson 2. Sourcer's time management

Lesson 3. Boolean Search Part 1. Basic rules and techiques
Module 2. Sourcing with Boolean search
Lesson 4. Boolean searching Part 2. Advanced operators

Lesson 5. Boolean search Part 3. Advanced techiques for webistes

Lesson 6. Boolean search Part 4. Automotization and additional tools

Lesson 7. Linkedin. Part 1. Basic inside search
Module 3. Sourcing in professional communities
Lesson 8. Linkedin. Boolean search. Alumni search. Group search

Lesson 9. Iterative method

Lesson 10. All about Github. + Screencast

Lesson 11. Stackoverflow, StackExchange + Screencast

Lesson 12. Sourcing for designers profiles. Behance, Dribble, Codepen

Lesson 13. Xing,

Lesson 14. Sourcing on Gamedev resources

Lesson 15. Diversity sourcing

Lesson 16. Coding challenges and competitions: HackerRank, CodeForces, Kaggle
Module 4. Sourcing on social networks
Lesson 17. Social networks:
- Facebook

- Instagram

- Twitter
Module 5. Sourcing in messengers
Lesson 18. Messengers Telegram, Slack + Screencast
Module 6. Programming your search page
Lesson 19. CSE - programmable search engine + screencast
Module 7. Bonus Lesson. Extensions and Aggregators
Lesson 20. Additional extensions, tools. FlyMSG , Autopagerizer, image search, Glossary Tech, OneTab
Module 8. Hackathon - 100% of practice and processing of the material covered
Hackaton 1 - Building a sourcing strategy and Boolean queries.

Hackathon 2 - Sourcing on Linkedin for real vacancies.

Hackathon 3 - Sourcing in professional communities.

Hackathon 4 - Sourcing in social networks, messengers, CSE.

Brainstorming on each other’s vacancies. Sharpening the received material, expanding the pipeline of candidates.

100% workshop on your open positions.

Result: you will receive ready sourcing queries
Final Quiz
Testing for the development of the sourcing skill in 20 questions. Preparation of certificates.
The course implies:
November 21
22 lessons in video recordings
Each Saturday’s hackathon with real vacancies
Communication and support
Course START

+ home task to each lesson
+ feedback on hac
in telegram chat

Final examination
after course completion and examination
What is a hackathon?
What is a hackathon?
✔ Hackathon is Zoom meeting, which is held every Saturday (time is chosen with the group)
✔ During, we work out the knowledge gained during the week on each other’s vacancies.
What’s the idea of a hackathon?
✔ Each recruiter on the same resource searches for candidates in different ways. Even on work sites, they have their own search approach and different results of issuance. This is their experience.
✔ Hackathon helps share experiences, finding new ways of sourcing.
How’s the hackathon going?
✔ You get a vacancy from a colleague and basic data for sourcing.
✔ Your task is to find as many candidates as possible, which are most suitable for the vacancy of a colleague
What gives you participation in hackathon?
✔ Transfer your knowledge in practice
✔ Boost your sourcing skills with new positions
✔ Open new ways of sourcing candidates for the jobs you are familiar with
✔ Get feedback on the completion of the workshop
Access to telegram chat to communicate with curator and support

Participation in the weekly hackathon on vacancies

Boolean request template

Synonymizer for easy sourcing of vacancies with name variations
Be Enrolled
301 800 ₸
Be Enrolled
Choose the plan that suits you best
Access to telegram chat to communicate with curator and support

Participation in the weekly hackathon on vacancies

Boolean request template

Synonymizer for easy sourcing of vacancies with name variations

+ Feedback on all your homework
225 500 ₸
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