Immersion in the IT Profession Course

23 video tutorials with presentations for each lesson:
  • Types of companies in IT
  • Product / software development stages and roles
  • Developer levels and IT professions
  • Basic concepts and approaches in the backend, languages, frameworks, and libraries
  • Backend and Frontend developers
  • Mobile Developers
  • Manual QA and autotesters
  • Devops engineers
  • Database Developers
  • Data Science Engineers (ML Engineers, Computer Vision Engineers, Data Engineers, etc.)
  • System and Business intelligence services
  • Embedded engineers
  • Web 3.0 and Metaverses, Blockchain Developers
  • Information security specialists
  • 1C developers
  • Product and Project managers, Scrum masters
  • UI and UX designers
  • Game Dev: Programmers, artists, and designers

Bonus: intelligence maps for programming languages

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